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Maps For The Getaway, Ch. 3

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Feb. 15th, 2017 | 07:32 pm

Title: Maps For The Getaway, Chapter 3
Artist: ideare
Rating: PG
Pairing: Meg/Cas
Word Count: 3925
Summary: Meg realizes while she's caring for Castiel in the hospital that her feelings for him are scarily affectionate. When he wakes up, everything changes. (An alternate version of events following Castiel's S7 hospitalization)

Chapter Three

RBB art

Their walk away from the road and into the trees was mostly silent. Castiel stayed behind her as they made their way to a decent-sized clearing. It seemed to take hours to get the tent upright and solid, By the time they were finished, Cas smiled at her and said, “Oh. I suppose I could have just…”, and waved his hand in the direction of the tent. It immediately straightened up and the spikes dug themselves just a bit more securely into the ground.

At that moment, it seemed the absurdity of this whole situation took over and they both laughed, really laughed, for a bit. “Fantastic”, Meg said, “how about starting a little fire for us then?”

Once the fire was lit, they both sat down on the ground, almost close enough to touch. Then Cas reached over and did touch her. Just a gentle hand on her arm. “Do you require food?”

Meg smiled. “No. And I don’t think you do, either, judging by the angel mojo you’re throwing around. I do have some booze in that bag over there, though, if you want to get it.”

When he returned to her side, he was holding the tequila in one hand and something else in the other. “This is yours too?”, he asked.

It was a small polaroid camera. She couldn’t even remember where she’d come across it, or why she’d kept it. “Yeah. You can have it, though, if you want it.”

Smiling again, Castiel sat back down next to her, as close as he was before. He waved off her offer when she held the bottle out to him, so Meg just put it down. She wanted to enjoy this time. It was a situation that she couldn’t have imagined possible only that morning, but now that she had it, she was feeling adventurous. Maybe spurred on by Castiel’s kindness, or his trust in her, or his appreciation, or the pure physical and emotional attraction that she couldn’t turn off.

Meg didn’t want to turn it off, anyway. She was pretty good at reading a situation, and her gut was telling her that Castiel was feeling quite affectionate himself.

She looked over at him and he was already staring. Just looking directly into her eyes with a sense of wonder. Smiling, she reached for his hand. “How are you feeling, Clarence? I mean, you’ve only been really awake for a couple of hours.”

“I feel fine. Good. Unburdened. Thankful. Curious. And… I wish you wouldn’t call me Clarence, if that’s all right? I mean, I know you don’t mean anything by it, but I have this feeling of closeness to you. Intimacy, maybe? I don’t know. Just-”

“Hey”, she interrupted, “hey, Castiel, of course it’s all right. I, uh - I guess I feel a bond between us, too, after all that time in the hospital.”

“Before”, he said, still holding her hand. “I remember, Meg. I felt this way before the hospital. I kissed you.”

Meg let out a small chuckle. “Yeah, you sure did. That was kind of unforgettable.”

“Things were so different then. Terrifying, when I look back on it. No one knew who to trust, what was going to happen next, who would be the next person we lost. But I don’t feel afraid now. I’m not afraid of whatever is happening in the world. I just don’t want to be a part of it. I want to stay out here, under the stars. With you.”

She wasn’t sure exactly how it caught her by surprise, because she really was paying attention, but he’d obviously been moving closer, and before Meg could manage to close her eyes, Cas was kissing her. Not like last time. This was slow, and gentle, and he hadn’t moved his hands at all. But she scooted in closer to him, kissing back and shedding all of her inhibitions about how a demon wasn’t supposed to feel this way about anyone, especially an angel. She did feel this way, and she wasn’t going to try to bury it.

When they finally stopped, it felt like they were the only people on the planet for just a minute. Meg couldn’t help herself. “Castiel”, she said, caressing his cheek, “that intimacy thing you were talking about, I feel the same way. Do you, uh - you know, do you want to go and lie down? We can be as intimate as you want”, she finished with a genuine smile.

Castiel’s smile matched hers. “I would. I mean, I haven’t actually been with anyone that way. My vessel has the memories, but I have no experience.”

“That’s okay. I have a feeling everything will be just fine”, Meg replied, standing and leading him into their tiny little tent.

When the sun started to rise, they were both still naked, under a blanket and wrapped up in each other’s arms. “Meg, can we stay? I know we can’t stay forever, but just for a while?”

“Of course we can. I already made sure Dean and Sam know you’re safe. They’re out there fighting and we can leave them to it, that’s their job. Right now, let’s just enjoy this little break, what do you say?”

In response, Cas kissed her again, and they stayed right there inside the tent for a good long while.

It wasn’t really all that long, just a couple of weeks. Every now and then they’d wander out of their little hiding place. Walking along the rural roads hand in hand, they explored a bit. Castiel discovered a fascination with yard sales. They spent most of their time at their improvised little camp site, talking and making love and discovering interesting little things in nature.

Cas loved taking pictures of her, but she didn’t love having her picture taken, so he only did it a few times. There were some difficult days and nights. Times when Cas was a bit overcome with the memories of things he’d done in the past. Times when Meg had to be convinced that he truly did think she was beautiful, and that she was perfectly worthy of being loved.

One morning, Meg came out of the tent to find Castiel sitting quietly, staring into the little stream that had popped up after the hard rain they’d had a few days ago. She knew right away that something was off.

“I can feel a change, Meg. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I think we ought to try and find out.”

They hiked out of the woods until they had some reception on Meg’s phone, and Castiel called the Winchesters. It was the first time they’d spoken in a very long while. Sam relayed the good news that they had defeated the Leviathan. Cas and Meg shared his relief in having that particular threat eliminated. He talked to Dean, and agreed to meet them.

Meg understood, of course. She never doubted how much the Winchesters’ friendship meant to Castiel. But she declined to join him, saying she’d wait there. When he promised he’d be back very soon, she accepted his word without hesitation.

And the very next day, there he was. He’d spent a day with Dean, talked to him about the relationship that had developed between himself and Meg, showed off the few pictures he’d taken of their little hideout in the woods. It was no surprise that Dean’s initial reaction was far less than positive. But they had talked for a good while, and once again realized how important it was for them to trust each other.

Meg knew that they’d have to get back to the real world soon - rejoin civilization, even though they had both changed so very much. It was certain that their lives would be very different than what they had been before all of this, but Castiel assured her that they would find a way to work it all out.

And she believed him.


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