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Master List of Fics

Apr. 17th, 2025 | 07:15 pm

Because I want to be like the cool kids.

Also, I have given blanket permission to anyone to create podfic or art for any of these stories.

UPDATE: This list is outdated by about a year. Anyone looking for recent works can go to my dash on AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/users/verucasalt123 to find all of my works, both old and new, in these fandoms plus everything I've written in the Teen Wolf fandom, which I have not posted at my journal here.

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Letter to Summergen writer

Jun. 8th, 2016 | 04:32 am

Hi! I hope my prompts weren't too specific - I tried to leave at least a couple of them more open. Of course, all of them are up to your interpretation and if you take one in a direction that my brain would never have thought of, that would be fun.

In gen fic/vids, I usually like more light-hearted subjects - banter, sarcasm, sassiness, grown men behaving childishly, etc. Of course, I realize it's a bit hard to write anything in this fandom that doesn't have at least a tiny bit of angst. Ignoring who's been killed off by the show and including those characters as if they never died is one of my favorite things. I love curtain-fic, case-fic, slice of life, etc.

I think I put all of the important stuff on my sign-up form, so that's really it. Thank you very much for creating something for me!!

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Time for SPN_summergen...

May. 14th, 2016 | 02:15 pm

Sign-ups May 10-24 - Click the banner for details!

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Promise It Won't Last Long (One Direction/Supernatural crossover for Into A Bar)

May. 6th, 2016 | 12:10 am

Title: Promise It Won’t Last Long
Author: verucasalt123
Prompt: Zayn Malik walks into a bar and meets Crowley
Fandoms: One Direction, Supernatural
Word count: ~1500
Rating/Contents: PG13 for language and content

Summary: Zayn’s feeling apprehensive about the future. Crowley’s feeling nostalgic for the past.

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Run This Town

Apr. 27th, 2016 | 11:26 pm

Fic title: Run This Town
Author name: verucasalt123
Artist name: kuwlshadow and emmatheslayer
Genre: Angel the Series/Supernatural Crossover
Pairing: Wesley/Spike, Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Word count: ~3600
Warnings: reference to sibling incest, reference to sex (not graphic), spoilers for SPN season 1 ending.
Notes: This is set post-NFA for Angel, some vague time early S2 for Supernatural

Summary: Wes and Spike are on a romantic weekend getaway when they’re spotted by a couple of hunters. After a day or so of being watched, they invite Sam and Dean Winchester to join them for a drink instead of just spying on them from across the street. Stories are swapped, lore is shared and fun is had by all.


Link to fic: Fic on LJ
Link to art: Art Here and Art Here

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Fic - Stifle

Apr. 16th, 2016 | 03:16 pm

Title: Stifle
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Word Count: 1410
Warnings/contains: incest, underage, oral sex, angst, comeplay

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Give Up The Ghost for jalu2 - 2016 spnspringfling

Mar. 31st, 2016 | 11:36 pm

Title: Give Up The Ghost
Pairing : Demon!Dean/Crowey
Rating: Mature
Any warnings: spoilers for beginning of S10

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Lost At The Time - Reverse Bang pinch hit - DjinnCastiel/DreamDean

Mar. 31st, 2016 | 11:16 pm

Art Title: Kingdom Of Blood And Sand
Prompt Number: S2010
Artist: thearronaut

Fic Title: Lost At The Time
Author: verucasalt123
Fandom/Genre: SPN/AU, one sided DjinnCastiel/Dean, casefic (kind of)
Pairing(s): DjinnCastiel/Dean unrequited
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1,239
Warnings: character death, unrequited feelings, djinn poisoning
Summary: Dean is captured by a very unusual blue-eyed djinn who starts to have feelings for his victim.
A/N: This was a last minute pinch hit for the SPN Reverse Bang - definitely a challenge but I did my best :)

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Already Home - SPN Reverse Bang

Feb. 10th, 2016 | 10:37 am

Title: Already Home
Pairing: Castiel/Sam Winchester
Characters: Castiel, Sam, Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit sex, a little angst
Word Count: ~3500
Summary: Just a post-Darkness day in the life of our guys, hunting and living in the bunker...where Sam and Cas are in loooooove. This story was written for the SPN Reverse Bang and was inspired by stefy_coool's beautiful art, which is embedded in the fic.

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For my wishlist people

Dec. 24th, 2015 | 12:49 pm

I have not forgotten you!!! It's just been really crazy IRL this month. I promise I'll write all of your stories in January. Sorry for the delay!

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